Pide is a Turkish classic and it is the ultimate snack and “to go” food. It is also called "Turkish Pizza" in the Western world.

Making your own pide is easier than you think. Start with making a dough with flour, yeast, salt and water. Click 👇 "learn more" button for the full list of ingredients. 

Turn the dough into a ball, cover with a cling film or clean kitchen cloth and let it rise for an hour until it doubles the size up.

Prepare the mushroom filling while the dough is rising. Sauté some onions with butter and add peppers. Sauté for another minute and then add the mushrooms.

Add the tomatoes and seasoning, cook until tomatoes are soft and remove the pan from the heat. You can start building your pide now.

Divide the dough in 4 equal pieces and turn them into balls. Place them on a lightly floured surface. Cover with cling film or a damp kitchen cloth and let it rest for another 10 minutes.

Roll one of the dough balls into an oval shape 15 cm x 35 cm (about 6”x 13”) size and ½ cm (0.2”) thickness.

Spread ¼ of the filling over the dough, leaving a 1 ½ cm border at the edges. Sprinkle on ¼ of the cheese, fold the border over the filling and pinch the top and bottom end together.

Cook the pides in oven for 15 minutes, take it out and crack an egg on top. Cook for another 5 minutes. Click 👇 "learn more" for full recipe and more delicious Turkish/Mediterranean recipes.