Baklava is a very popular Turkish sweet dating back to Ottoman Empire, made with flaky & thin filo pastries, nuts, and syrup.

My super easy Turkish Pistachio Baklava recipe is perfect for you if you want to learn how to make your homemade version.

Prepare the syrup per recipe and start building the baklava. Place one filo sheet into the pan and then drizzle a spoon of melted butter over it.

Repeat the same until you finish the first pack of filo pastry. Spread the pistachio nuts over filo pastry layers and then press them down lightly.

Trim the other pack of filo pastry sheets and continue the layering and buttering process until you used all the pastry sheets.

Cut the pastry into diamond shapes or squares using a very sharp knife. Make sure you cut all the way through to the bottom layer.

You can adjust the size of the pieces to your liking but I usually get about 70 pieces out of one tray when I cut them the size of 4cm (1.5").

Pour any remaining butter mixture over the top to finish. Place the baklava tray into the hot oven (175° C fan oven).

Remove the baklava from the oven, let it cool down for 5 minutes and then pour the cooled syrup over.