Turkish Lahmacun is a super-thin flatbread topped with minced beef or lamb mixed with vegetables, herbs and spices.

This Lahmacun wrap made with fresh parsley leaves, a few slices of red onions and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice is the perfect lunchtime snack!

Prepare the mince filling while the dough balls are resting. Blitz or finely chop the vegetables, mix with minced meat, spices and chopped parsley.

Roll out the dough balls into thin circles size of 25 cm (9 ½”) Ø. Place 2 dough circles on a large sheet tray. Divide your mixture into 6.

Bake them until they are crispy on the outside and the filling is thoroughly cooked. Transfer them on a large plate and cover with tin foil.

Serve them with a generous squeeze of lemon juice, sliced red onions, tomatoes and parsley leaves. Click on👇 "learn more" for the full recipe.