As Mother's Day approaches, there's no better way to show your love and appreciation than by whipping up a delicious meal or treat for the special woman in your life.

Whether your mom has a sweet tooth or a savory palate, there are plenty of Mother's Day recipes out there to choose from that will make her feel extra special.

From fluffy cinnamon rolls and cilbir eggs for breakfast to chocolate cake and homemade pasta for dinner, these recipes will impress your mom.

Impress your mom this Mother's Day with a delicious homemade smoked salmon pate. Quick, easy and an absolute crowd pleaser!

Arancini are delicious Italian rice balls that are crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, making them a perfect appetizer or snack.

Sigara Borek is a popular Turkish pastry made with crispy phyllo dough filled with a mixture of feta cheese and parsley, making it a perfect snack or appetizer.

Ready in just 40 minutes, this delicious salmon dish is simple enough to serve on a weekday, yet still fancy to wow your mom on her special day!

Cilbir is a traditional Turkish breakfast dish made with poached eggs, creamy yogurt, and melted butter infused with a hint of paprika, creating a special meal.

Cajun chicken and shrimp pasta is a spicy and flavorful dish that combines tender chicken, succulent shrimp, and al dente pasta tossed in a creamy sauce.

Spicy Thai mango salad is a vibrant dish combining sweet mangoes, crunchy vegetables, and a zesty dressing made of spicy chili, tangy lime, and savory fish sauce.

This Lemon Blueberry Cake is a perfect dessert for Mother's Day as its bright and fruity flavors are sure to make any mom feel loved and appreciated.

Cinnamon rolls are a delicious pastry made with a sweet dough swirled with cinnamon and sugar and topped with a cream cheese frosting, making them a beloved breakfast or dessert.

Russian honey cake, or Medovik, is a rich and decadent dessert made with layers of honey-infused cake and a creamy sour cream frosting.

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