These savoury vegetarian pies are a great snack, tasty breakfast on the go or a perfect appetiser for parties and gatherings.

This is one of the most loved Turkish classics and it is very easy to make with few simple steps to follow.

Prepare the potato mixture. Cook and grate the potatoes and add some grated cheese, milk, melted butter and chopped herbs. (Clink on the link below for the full recipe and ingredients)

Lay a sheet of yufka on a work surface. Spoon ⅓ of the filling onto it and spread the mixture evenly. Place the second yufka sheet on top and cover it with the other ⅓ of the filling.

Trim the sides of the yufka into a rectangular and place the trimmings on top of the filling. Repeat the same with the last yufka and the potato filling.

Roll the yufka sheet carefully into a cylinder. Cut the cylinder into two equal pieces and wrap them with cling film.

Wrap the cylinders with cling film and then place them into the freezer for about an hour or until semi-frozen.

Cut the cylinders crosswise into two cm thick slices using a sharp knife. peel the cling film around the borek. Arrange the boreks on a greaseproof paper-lined baking tray(s).

Eggwash the slices and sprinkle on some sesame seeds or nigella seeds. Cook them in preheated oven for about 30 minutes or until golden and crispy.

Visit or click 👇 on "learn more" for the full list off ingredients, step by step pictures and video tutorial