If you're looking for a new baking challenge that will leave you feeling proud, this recipe for Dutch Oven Sourdough Bread is just what you need.

With this simple recipe, you'll learn how to make a deliciously tangy, crusty, and airy sourdough bread with a perfectly crisp crust and an airy, chewy interior.

These are the ingredients you'll need for making this crusty bread. Click on 'learn more' for the full list with measurements.

After the dough has rested for 45 minutes, it's time to use the stretch-and-fold method. Wet your hands and grab the dough from the bottom of the bowl.

Cover the bowl with a tea towel and let it rest for 30 minutes. After the last stretch-and-fold, let the dough bulk ferment at room temperature overnight, for about 6-12 hours.

Shape the dough into a ball by pulling the sides towards the center and pinching them together. Then, flip the dough over so that the smooth side is facing up.

Place the dough into a bowl lined with a towel that's been dusted with rice flour, with the seam side facing up. Cover and let it proof for another 30 minutes.

To help the dough expand evenly in the oven, use a sharp knife or a razor blade to score the top with a decorative pattern.

With the help of parchment paper, gently transfer the dough into the heated Dutch oven. Put the lid back on and bake it for about 20 minutes.

Take the lid off and bake it until the crust is a beautiful golden brown and the bread sounds hollow when you tap it underneath.

Serve it with your favorite soup for dipping! Click on 'learn more' for the full recipe with expert tips and more information about how to make bread in a dutch oven.